Things I've Learned About CSS

December 14, 2014

@mrmrs, Adam Morse



"In mathematics, if it's been done it's trivial. If it hasn't been done it's impossible. I'm only concerned with things that are impossible."


We want people to have better lives. We shouldn't care about code, we should care about the people using the things we've built.

Veil of Ignorance: We don't think about what other people go through. You might not have a fast connection. Performance matters. Try to write CSS that doesn't degrade the experience.

How much CSS is too much CSS for a website? (What a great question)

Everything should be readable on any device. Everything should be as performant as possible. Designing in the browser should be easy. Doing one thing extremely well promotes reusability. (Nicholas Gallagher + clearfix)

Inline Styles Are Terrible!...?

Inline styles are frickin' fast.

CSS is like, 20kb.


CSS is finite. Most of what you're doing has been done before, and there are only so many options you could possibly have. (Literally, @mrmrs put all of the different options and applied them to classes and weighed them - and it's smaller than what most sites have for CSS.)

40% of sites breaks down to floats, colors, etc. So how much CSS is too much? How much CSS is redundant?

@jxnblk +

In the end, we want to make things better for our users. Worry less about solving things creatively and worry more about them.