Helen V.
Holmes is a

...creating brands, designing logos, illustrating, making websites, building print collateral, and animating shorts. She currently works for the New York Public Library.

She’s given talks at conferences all over the world about the spaces where design and technology intersect. She writes on the subject along with mental health, immigration, and web development.

When not designing and building websites she spends her time cooking, baking, and sewing. She's currently on the job hunt.

Say hi

Before going solo she worked for Friendly Design Co., a military contrator in Northern Virginia, Capital One, and Mozilla Firefox. At university she studied graphic design with a concentration in interaction and learned to code through a collection of computer science classes, internships, and jobs. In her time freelancing she's worked with companies like Github, Heroku, and Fastly, among others. She continues to do a little bit of everything.

She can get you started with your first logo, your company website, your community conference, your restaurant menu, your app design, or whatever other wild, exciting project you're cooking up. If you have a project you’re looking for design assistance on, you can contact Helen at sayhi@helenvholmes.com. She is currently looking for full-time employment—please feel free to reach out or see her resume here.