Helen V. Holmes

is a designer and UI engineer working remotely from Charlottesville, VA. She’s had the privilege of working with brands such as Github, Heroku, and Mozilla Firefox. She’s given talks at design, web, and iOS conferences around the world about how design and code can come together to build really beautiful experiences. When she’s not researching or speaking about the design and technology, she writes.

She runs her own contracting company and is currently available for hire. Business inquiries can be made at helen.v.holmes@gmail.com. Let's work together

A smattering of her writing:

The Things We Own

Cleaning up after someone's gone

The future of

No more telemarketers need call, please.

She’s given talks all over the world, the following being her latest. If you’re organizing a conference where you think she would be a good fit feel free to learn more and reach out.

She provides design services such as product design, UI engineering for both web and iOS products, UX design, illustration, branding, video editing, among others. If you’re not certain, reach out. If you’re intrigued, let’s see if we should work together.

Oh thank god, you’re here.

I’m so tired of writing in the third person.

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