BmoreResponsive Links

May 14, 2014

Whenever I go to a conference I like to do a quick recap of all of the links that all the speakers mentioned (like the one I did for AmpersandConf which took place in NYC last November). BmoreResponsive had a great lineup so for the curious:

Jeremy Keith, @adactio Enhance!

Curt Kotula, @curtkotula Designing for Flexible Systems

Estelle Weyl, @estellevw RWD Isn’t a Panacea

Fabio Carneiro, @flcarneiro Hard-won Lessons in Responsive Email Design

Catherine Farman, @cfarm Real World Responsive JQuery

Clarissa Peterson, @clarissa Responsive Typography

Ghaida Zahran, @ghaidazahran Lessons Learned From Building a Responsive Framework

Miguel Montanez, @digitalmig Building a Future Friendly PBS Kids

Nick Whitmoyer, @whistle Rethinking the News: An Insider's Look at NPR's Recent Responsive Redesign

Theme of the day was pattern libraries. (Most popular one that exists is Bootstrap, if you don't know what a pattern library is.)

You can check out my links for AmpersandConf here.