2015 Goals

February 2015

Community-Related Work

(You may be wondering why I’ve split these up, considering a lot of people consider themselves, well, both. The reasoning is that our developer lunches do get pretty damn technical, and by splitting them up, people are able to attend what really interests them.)

Technical Goals

Overall: still wouldn’t say I’m an expert with any of these technologies. If anything, I’m further than being an expert at anything than I ever have been; a great number of my friends have been honing their crafts and getting very good at certain things, good enough to go to conferences and teach people and kick ass in general. I feel like I’m running in the opposite direction, for better or worse. I’ve gotten very good at hacking shit together. This can be a source of grief for me personally; I both love creating proofs of concept that make people imagine the future but I also get scared of ever improving technically as fast as I feel I should. Being a young developer, feeling adrift can sometimes induce real panic and frustration.

Tiny Things That Were Big for Me

Things I’m Incredibly Grateful for That I’d Like to Keep Going

And, weird as it is to pat myself on the back for this: my commute’s still as bad as it was when I was in school (two to three hours a day). This has contributed to me being able to read a lot of books these past five months but honestly, commuting isn’t fun, and it takes those hours out of your day in a way that’s irretrievable.

Plans, Goals

This part is sort of hard for projects. All of the projects I’ve talked about above have follow-up work associated with them (you can always make something better, right?). I also think that goals should be somewhat unwieldy, and these next three for me are just that:

Technical Goals

This section is always easy. On anything iOS related, I have a big ol’, “I’d like to learn more about that stuff, please.” More specifically I’d love to learn more about Storyboards, design patterns, and if I’m putting the right things in the right places. I’m planning on going through the Stanford course to do that, especially now that I’ve started coding without it.

Since I’ve committed myself somewhat to MEAN stacks (sans the Angular), I’d like to get a better grasp on Mongo. So far I haven’t had any projects that store data of any kind and it’s driving me crazy that I have such a huge gap in my knowledge. I’m a programmer who doesn’t understand databases. Um, available for hire?

Those other two technologies could certainly use some bolstering up as well: I do not take advantage of a lot of the system-level stuff that Node provides and still feel that I'm at a copy-and-paste level when it comes to some of the more complicated things I’m trying to accomplish, which frustrates me. I’d like to remedy that. In regards to Express I have some of the same frustrations as with Swift: I don’t understand the design patterns of it well enough, I don’t understand how to scale it, and all of these are are inherent to readable, clean code. Which is all I want from anything, really.

Community Goals

Other Small Goals

Here’s to a renewed sense of purpose in 2015! (At whatever month we damn well please.)