This project was as hilarious and fun as it was challenging: we (meaning the seven interns I built this with) had 10 weeks to ideate, design, and develop an app. The result was Winsome, the friendly way to bet with friends!

We came up with a lot of uses for it, which was easily the best part about this project.

I was the front-end developer/interaction designer on this project, interpreting how we might bring the illustrations to life with animation and informing the team on what was and wasn't possible as we honed in on what we wanted to build. (Which is why if you inpect all of those images above, you'll see they're made entirely with CSS.) The other interns on this project included Janice Pang, Andy Andrea, Nathanael Beisiegel, Alexsandra McMahan, Nikhil Rajpal, and Peter Xing. If you'd like to check it out, try it here!

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