Well Made Co.

This project was all about how to reinvent packaging for the better. How can packaging be good for the environment? Well, by making it reuseable, I thought. The details were what made this fun for me; if we'd done superlatives in college I think this would have gotten me 'most crafty'.

This project was fun and yet so challenging. The tag I wanted to double as a star map, so I had to carefully cut out thin lines with an exacto, glue them down, and then layer glow-in-the-dark paint to make it pop in the darkness. (This is of course ignoring doing the die cut bear myself, which was challenging as well—I had to layer cardstock as I couldn't have gotten the fidelity I wanted by hand with anything thicker). The map tube and bag felt easy by comparison, but both still necessitated from acrobatics with gluging and ironing.

Oh goodness, hello! Would you like to see another project?