Our professor looks at us and says, Choose a company to rebrand, and make it a huge company. Go big. Of course I turn around and choose an airline monolith, which was the most reasonable of all my choices at that. Needless to say I've always enjoyed a challenge. I created a robust branding system and an iPhone app to imagine how United might bring its brand into the future.

One of the hardest parts of this project was figuring out United's digital experiences. Besides improving upon the systems already in place, what would truly improve upon the experiences that customers were having? What would truly making flying with United a more pleasant experience, an easier one, a safer one? The answer, I felt, was in clear, concise information: the ability at a glance to understand the trifecta of information that is always at play when flying: your flight information, your rental car information, and your hotel information. By creating agreements with hotel and rental car chains that United already has in place, I believed that United could create experiences like this one:

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