Game of Thrones

Ah, Game of Thrones—never have I loved and hated a book series more. This project was an interesting exploration in three different paths I’d never wandered down before: book design, hand-lettering, and of all things, embroidery. I do believe I was after my own grandmother’s heart with this one.

The inspiration after some extensive ‘research’ (if you can call reading the five published books and extensive fan theories online ‘research’ and not ‘insane fandom’) I settled on an uncial interpretation of the two letters in the title of each book intertwined. This was a tiny homage to the time period (despite these being fictional pieces) I imagined the books set in. Some other directions I sketched out but did not come to fruition included blackletter and an illusion to the Seven Gods each whom I represented with various symbols. For my own sanity I ultimately just decided to two three books, not seven—hand-embroidering each book was difficult as I’d never done embroidery before.

Oh hello. Would you like to see another project?