SVN Thus Far

October 18, 2014

I have by no means conquered SVN in the way that I normally barge into things, wanting to conqueror anything, everything, breaking shit, and peacing out. (Hey guys, want to hire me?) Anyway, SVN from what I can tell is Git's easier little brother that is terrible if you're a control freak and want intelligent version control. (I'm being disengenous because I obviously have a favorite, but whatever.)

Learned as of now:

git clone [repo-url] : svn checkout [repo-url]

git pull : svn up

git commit -m "[message]" && git push: svn commit -m "[message]"

Also learned: old male developers will tell you not to use things unless you're a 'command line wizard' because they don't know how to use the command line. Leaving it at that.