CSS Conf Oakland Summary

December 31, 2014

In case you weren't able to attend CSS Conf Oakland, I tried to take comprehensive notes during the conference:

Keynote: What Makes Something Revolutionary? from @itsmisscs

The Future of CSS from @tabatkins

SVG is Awesome from @brnnbrn

What's in a Name from @ainsleywagon

Tonight We're Gonna Code Like it's 1999 from @mybluewristband

Things I've Learned About CSS from @mrmrs

Stuff About Cascading Style Sheets from @mdo and @connors

Rework from @hazelcough

Performance Stuff in General from @benschwarz

Implementing a Visual CSS Testing Framework from @jessicard

I Don't Know What I'm Doing from @elyseholladay

Also, the CSS Conf Oakland Lanyrd page has a list of all the direct links to the slides (which I've tried to add to their appropriate note re-write here when I could find them).

CSS Conf Oakland was organized by @fox (Karolina Szczur) and @mikeal (Mikeal Rogers).

You can see photos from the event from @fox here and from @fotovertite here.

@floriidaaa did Sketchnotes, which you can find here.

@jina also posted her notes on Medium, which you can find here.