An Ode to a Backpack

May 15, 2019

I wanted to revive this long-dead Twitter thread I wrote a few years ago about my favorite backpack of all time after watching some Matt D'Avella videos on Youtube about sensationalist clickbait articles. This really was the best backpack I'd ever owned, but not because it was a particular brand.

It was because I'd modded the shit out of it.

This was from back in the day when I didn't know how to sew with a machine yet, so everything I did was hand-done. Couture it was not, but I loved it until it died.

These days I carry around an incredibly beautiful, unmodded briefcase from LΓ©o et Violette that Brian bought me during our travels in France. The stitchwork on it is (unsurprisingly) much better than my own. Should it give out on me I intend to bring it to a local shop and have it repaired.

To my old backpack, R.I.P. you beautiful piece of fabric.