CSS Conf Oakland Summary

December 2014

In case you weren't able to attend CSS Conf Oakland, I tried to take comprehensive notes during the conference:

Keynote: What Makes Something Revolutionary? from @itsmisscs

The Future of CSS from @tabatkins

SVG is Awesome from @brnnbrn

What's in a Name from @ainsleywagon

Tonight We're Gonna Code Like it's 1999 from @mybluewristband

Things I've Learned About CSS from @mrmrs

Stuff About Cascading Style Sheets from @mdo and @connors

Rework from @hazelcough

Performance Stuff in General from @benschwarz

Implementing a Visual CSS Testing Framework from @jessicard

I Don't Know What I'm Doing from @elyseholladay

Also, the CSS Conf Oakland Lanyrd page has a list of all the direct links to the slides (which I've tried to add to their appropriate note re-write here when I could find them).

CSS Conf Oakland was organized by @fox (Karolina Szczur) and @mikeal (Mikeal Rogers).

You can see photos from the event from @fox here and from @fotovertite here.

@floriidaaa did Sketchnotes, which you can find here.

@jina also posted her notes on Medium, which you can find here.

If there are slides missing from any of the talks, please let me know either in the comments or on twitter @helenvholmes. (Same for spelling errors. We all need a little help from our friends.)